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A unique gem bathed in Ionian, Aegean and Cretan sea

Ragged rocky mountains, mediterranean bush, hills, green valley and high plaines, crowed with olive, lemon, almond and cypressus trees and extended vineyards.

The Island is conturned with cliffs rising above pearls coves and beaches. Uncontaminated and pure landscapes, still conserving the tales and heritage of an old history.

From Minoan civilization, then Kythira was Doric under Sparta’s rule, conquered by the Athenians. The famous temple of Aphrodite stands only with the remaining basement in a splendid setting. Byzantine culture left unique churches and monastaries and Paleohora, the last capital destroyed by arab pyrates. Then 5 centuries of Venetian presence with castros and beautiful styled villages. Finally British rule in the 19th century, marked with aqueduct, bridges, school buildings.

The past season are still present in the atmosphere, brought by the wind and parfumes of the island. And sometimes your eyes can see an ancient Venetian captain in the castro, and .... Aphrodite, smiling in a solitary and enchanted shore.


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