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The unique position of Stavros
After all, after two centuries, the setting is still well conserved and not ruined by new constructions. This black and white print is well combined with the actual picture of Kapsali gulf, showing a continuity of the civilization of Kythira island. Stavros is part of the Castro area, among a few places in Greece named HERITAGE OF THE WORLD BY UNESCO, and strictly protected by Archeological and Cultural greek Authorities.
kapsali old print
Edward Lear: "Views in the seven ionian island", London 1863
Stavros present time
Stavros Complex Overwiev
Stavros complex

The Stavros Villa 1 is located in a magnificent park extended in a full hill that frames the island panorama with a breath-taking view on the Kapsali gulf, the rock of Afrodite, the venetian castro, the capital of the island Hora, the Antikythira island and far away even Crete.

The park in the hill is more than 10.000 m2, with gardens, mediterrenean bushes, old olive trees, cypressus, and numerous secular kedros (juniperus) some of them with 2m circumference trunks, planted by the venitians in the 18th century.

In the park there is another splendid new villa (Stavros villa 2), which is totally independent and separated by the Stavros villa 1.

For the exceptionally beautiful architecture lines and design, the Stavros complex has been shown in the 2006 Biennale di Venezia, mostra internazionale di architettura, in the partecipazioni nazionali in the greek stand.

The Stavros villa 1 sites at the top of the hill. At the ground floor, in he heart of a 2000 sq.m. garden, there is a an outside terrace of 500 sq.m. with outside facilities and a swimming pool too.
The villa has 3 bedrooms, each with private bathroom, 1 living room, 1 kitchen, a studio, 2 services store rooms and 2 patios.
The main bedroom is the "Royal Suite" with a separate entrance from the garden.

Accurate interior, decoration, furnitures, patios and terrace design give to the villa a perfect style, in harmony with the exceptional greek-mediterranean environments.
The villa in itself and the 10000 sq.m. natural park, make the complex one of the most exclusive of all the island.


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